Bitcoin dips efter introduktion af COVID-vaccine

Nå er nyhederne ude. Vi er ved at udvikle en coronavirus-vaccine fuldt ud. Lægemidlet kommer via Pfizer, som er en af ​​mange virksomheder, der har arbejdet med en formel for at bekæmpe denne dødbringende sygdom, der har sat visse dele af verden i spærring i cirka otte måneder. Dette er mildt sagt gode nyheder, og Read More

Il co-fondatore di Kucoin rivela che l’84% dei fondi compromessi è stato recuperato

Il co-fondatore di Kucoin, Johnny Lyu, in un tweet mercoledì 11 novembre 2020, ha aggiornato la comunità sui progressi compiuti finora sul recente hack che ha scosso lo scambio a settembre. Lyu, nel suo tweet, ha fatto sapere che l’84% dei fondi hackerati è ora recuperato, con sforzi per recuperare il resto ancora in corso. Read More

$ 17.5 billion for this cryptocurrency which will always be worth $ 1

Stablecoins are breaking records – Although by definition these cryptocurrencies are doomed to keep a stable price, stablecoins have never been as successful as they are today in the cryptosphere. This is particularly the case with Tether’s USDT, which continues to largely dominate this sector. Nearly $ 23 billion in stablecoins Between the decentralized finance Read More

Start on December 1st: Can the ETH 2.0 release push the Ethereum price towards the all-time high?

The Ethereum price ended its stagnation phase a few hours ago after the ETH2.0 start date, which had been eagerly awaited for many months, became known. Before that, ETH’s price stagnated around $ 380, rising 10% immediately after traders got wind of the trend. Ethereum 2.0 is intended to help solve the scalability problems that Read More

Huobi: Bitcoin exchange manager allegedly arrested

A Huobi manager was rumored to have been arrested. Despite denials, many investors are selling their bitcoins. Then there’s a mysterious tether payment at Huobi. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the COO of Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange Huobi was arrested on Monday. Huobi himself has denied these rumors, claiming that Robin Zhu was on a normal business Read More